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Quality services for all your projects, so you can relax knowing you are in good hands


English, French > Spanish

Documents, magazine articles, instructions, reviews... Translations for any document you can think of.

Subtitling / Closed Captions

English >< Spanish

Subtitles in original language or translated: for films, series, promotional videos, classes, vlogs, MOOCs.


English, Spanish

Documents that are free of mistakes and look good. Make the first impression count.


English, Spanish

Written documents with the content of your audio or video files.


English, French, Spanish

Setting start and end times for subtitles created from transcriptions, to go with your video files, either as a separate file or embedded.

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Diego García

Diego García

Boardgames and TTRPG Specialist

"Working with Rosa is always a pleasure. It is not just the profesionalism and accuracy of her work, but the fluid comunication and her way of aproaching the projects that makes everything tick. Highly recommended."

Jimmy Langman

Jimmy Langman

Executive Editor of Patagon Journal

"Rosa is our top translator. She has been translating articles for our magazine for several years, and her work is always excellent. She completes her translations promptly, and with great attention to detail."

Traducendo Co. Ltd.

Traducendo Co. Ltd.

Translation Specialists

"Great translator, easy to work with and very professional."

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