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Understand every word, hear every sound.

Don’t let the spoken language be a barrier. Whether subtitles are in the same language or a different one, they may be the difference between your audience understanding the message or looking confusedly at the screen.

While subtitles normally just transmit what’s being said, closed captions will also include information about sounds, music, and other elements that might not be accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.


  • Transcription of a video file
  • Synchronization of subtitles with dialogue on screen
  • Translation from English or French into Spanish**
    • Directly from audio
    • From a script or transcription
    • From a subtitle template
  • Translation of relevant on-screen tags and text where convenient
  • For closed captions, I also include:
    • Speaker colour coding
    • Sound information
  • Quality checks
  • Revisions of final product according to your suggestions 


  • 4.50 EUR / 5.00 USD
  • Discounts on larger projects


  • Segmentation of a transcription and synchronization with the video file, according to standard guidelines
  • English, Spanish or French
  • Adaptation of segments that too long or fast, so they can be read with ease
  • Processing with professional software, for extra options and higher productivity
  • Revisions of the final product, according to your suggestions


  • 2.90 EUR / 3.00 USD
  • Discounts on larger projects


  • Transcription of audio or video files
  • English and Spanish
  • Clean copy or verbatim
  • Pdf, word, excel… – depending on your requirements
  • Speaker identification
  • Time stamps
  • Revisions of final product according to your suggestions


  • 3.50 EUR / 3.70 USD
  • Discounts on larger projects


  • English or Spanish, or translations between these two languages
  • Typos, mistakes, wrong words, wrong expressions, punctuation
  • Text formatting: spaces, lists, numbers
  • Style and tone
  • Cross-references and picture descriptions
  • Timings and adequacy of text adapted to fit subtitling standards


  • 1.75 EUR / 1.85 USD
  • Discounts on larger projects

What you will receive –

  • A separate subtitle file (.srt, .vtt, .sub, .ssa, etc.), OR
  • A copy of your video with burnt-in subtitles
  • A written copy of the subtitles if requested
  • A document with the timed transcriptions and timings for any on-screen text

Would you like to see anything else on this list? Are you working with a file not listed here? Is your transcription in a different language than the audio?

Check out my other services, or get in contact via the “request a quote” form and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

*Final price may vary depending on the specific project requirements.

** Some subtitles can be translated into English, but this will depend on context, target audience and difficulty.