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Making information accessible.

Translation is at the base of any kind of interaction between two cultures, and I aim to offer the best results.

English, Spanish and French are arguably the most widely spoken languages in the world, and yet people like to be able to see information in their own language because it’s easier and faster. I’ll make the effort, so they don’t have to.

What the service includes –

  • English and French into Spanish**
  • Use of Trados and other CAT tools for a higher productivity
  • Localization of style and content
  • Quality checks
  • Revisions of final product according to your suggestions


  • 0.07 EUR / USD
  • Discounts on larger projects


Well-written texts for a great first impression.

Sometimes a second pair of eyes is just what’s needed to make sure that those pesky little typos and inconsistencies don’t make it to the final version of your text. While this is not editing, a quick but attentive read through the text before publishing will review all possible mistakes, and correct them or offer suggestions. Let’s present the best version possible of your text because first impressions count.

What this service includes – 

  • English or Spanish, or translations between these two languages
  • Typos, mistakes, wrong words, wrong expressions, punctuation
  • Text formatting: spaces, lists, numbers
  • Style and tone
  • Checking of cross-references and picture descriptions

What you will receive –

  • Original text with mark up – traditional or digital, OR
  • Clean, finished text, free of mistakes
  • Word, Pdf, Excel… or printed copy
  • One extra final revision should you wish to change anything else


  • 0.025 EUR / USD
  • Discounts on larger projects

Would you like to see something else on this list? Do you want a more detailed revising of your text, or you need translation from/into various languages, or transcreation? Would you like any extra services or suggestions with picture placement, formatting, etc?

Check out my other services, or get in contact via the “request a quote” form and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

*Final price may vary depending on specific project requirements.

**Some texts can be translated into English, but this will depend on context, target audience and difficulty.